The New Manager Is Coming

People are specialists in theory until they have to deliver results. And, it is known, results don’t come immediately, you have to be patient with a new manager, isn’t it? He or she comes under the best auspices, the staff welcome them, a new expensive car, new furniture set up, and so on. They don’t know what it takes, they have no idea what to do to achieve results. Why are they chosen, you are asking?
The justification of this has multiple causes, it may be personal relationships, high place acquaintances, but the reasons are mainly two, if there are the both, the better: they are awesome business jargon speakers, saying in fact, nothing valuable, and secondly they shouldn’t be more competent than the hiring boss!
The new brooms don’t want people to see that they are not from the right movie, they worsen the situation through starting to make random changes in the organisation. So they hide their lack of vision and strategy, but give the impression that they are moving things. They fire hard working and loyal employees, because these people don’t have time to gossip and curry favor with the new boss or they have the guts to say the truth.
The new general manager is assiduously busy; all the time he or she is in meetings from the morning until the evening. If you look at their meetings you may see what a waste of time and resources they are!
After a while, when the obvious things cannot be concealed, with a sorrowful expression the same guys that propelled the manager, get rid of this manager in a sneaky way. In the most of the cases they trash the name of their chosen manager.
The sad part of such a story is that the company loses important time and money resources and it will continue to do this

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